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«And there came locusts upon the Earth...», or The dance of the lost souls

Autor: Yuri Fridshtein
Source: «Planeta Krasota». No. 11 — 12, 2009 Moscow theatre magazine

The Theatre started to make its usual impression, entertaining, intriguing and conquering… The distance from contemporary Widmer from Switzerland and classical Chekhov ceased to seem an abyss… In short, everything took its proper place.

And a sweet feeling emerged of knowing why. Why are we to watch this and why do they play this. In may sound silly, but true enthusiastic theatre-goers will know what I mean. Because if you want to answer why question, you are already going to watch this; without this question you go away.

The director and the art director seemed to have «died in their actors», only to create the ideal environment that is impersonal and passionless, but providing a luxury of freedom to the actors' identities. But on one small condition: if they do have the identities in question. And they certainly do!

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