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«The Trial» of «The Harvest»

Autor: Irina Alpatova
Source: «Kultura», No. 39, October 14, 2010

«The drama, torn away with blood from the most real life» — the subtitle hides the special meaning. Hence the accusatory pathos directed through the characters of «The Trial» to the audience.

You need to be prepared not to watch a light show in a theatre, but to be thumped on your nerves and to be presented the eternal questions we are so tired of in our real life. Here one may recognize the old-fashioned and almost forgotten purpose of the theatre. Of course, the theatre as a social institute cannot lead the humankind in a particular direction, but it can show you the right direction. The rest is up to you.

Narkas Iskandarova and four young actors made a really good performance; it is light, funny and immaculate from the actors’ point of view. Perhaps the matter (and the popularity of Pryazhko) is that this uncomplicated play is an excellent pretext to show improvisations, to show the pure comedy, and to make a kind of parody of the real life. The play lets the actors to invent their «types» and their relations.

It is the performance of the actors that attracts the audience, and the actors are obviously fond of it. You may ask: what is the point of it? Try to ask clowns in a circus and that guy who invents gags for them. You would hardly get an articulated answer, but the impression would never be the worse.

It’s another matter that a performance of this kind needs its own audience. And it will find it undoubtedly, mainly among those who are 15–20 years old. 

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