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A tale of a golden sprat

Autor: Irina Alpatova
Source: Newspaper «Kultura», No. 42, October 29, 2009

The play of Widmer is atypical and even risky for the New Drama Theatre that tries to experiment with different styles and methods but not too far away from the domestic psychological tradition. This case, however, is not an exception (although it could be) of following the coldish and rational European style. No, «The Top Dogs» is by no means a play of unknown European employees with their strange feelings, but a play of our own people trying to master new crisis themes to their best.

Actors have succeeded (not without the help of the director) to combine the rational and strict construction of the play with the psychological details of feeling the situation.

The technique of telling the stories could be more variable besides the «dramatic lighting». But the director believed in his actors and thought they would succeed. Anyway, the things like «Top Dogs» are new to the New Drama Theatre and, undoubtedly, the search for the new means of expression is bound to continue. What you cannot doubt is that the theatre surely enlarges its resources and the ability of the audience to appreciate them.

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