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Chekhov. The postscript to Dostoyevsky

Autor: Yuri Fridshtein
Source: Magazine «PLANETA KRASOTA», # 3 — 4, 2009

The actors only know the ‘start’ and the ‘finish’ of it, the ‘track’ being laid out by themselves anew each time. One of them begins, the other catches up, the turns are unpredictable, their ornate and intricate conversation is absolutely spontaneous. The text of the play comprises the fragments from «The Idiot» by Dostoyevsky; its message being two men’s at the verge of insanity trying to get the mystery of that breathless woman in the next room.

Actually it should be seen many times to get the different actor’s ‘versions’ and to comprehend its relation to the novel. The play deserves the full and detailed attention.

«12 Stories of Love».

Dolgachev’s play is an absolute actor’s feast.

Entrancing, brilliantly ironical and profoundly dramatic are the moments when actors understand what are the words they speak and when the understanding of it is read in their eyes.

Through a seemingly light-minded, dispassionate and even almost cynical Chekhov Dolgachev invariably reads the Chekhov that probably seems the real Chekhov for him: the sober, the sad and the serious one. What may be a tin trinket for the superficial eye, Dolgachev finds out to be a gold of a highest order.

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