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Come the day after tomorrow

Autor: Alexander Inyakhin
Source: «Strastnoy boulevard, 10» #5–105, 2008

The production of the New Drama Theatre is made by its director Vyacheslav Dolgachev and artist Margarita Demyanova in dark colours, without excessive fascination with superficial retro motives. It doesn’t deprive the drama’s narration of the finesse and transparency in it’s images.

The dominant idea of the production is the complexity of the life in its creative essence, which cannot be betrayed.

After entering the hall the spectators see the black mirror diagonal — the wall of the dancing school and the covey of the young dancers (mostly girls, the boys are in great demand here) making their exercises. Their teacher is an elegant and severe lady, concentrated on her profession.

Vyacheslav Dolgachev in addition tried to solve pedagogical problems in his production. He permitted to enter the stage a lot of young actors. With their help he elaborates the bright background, and this is very indispensable and useful for Volodin’s detailed style.

The clever humour, seen through the psychological patterns and the visual brilliance of the characters, doesn’t impede the lyrical attitudes. 

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