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Riders and Pedestrians/ “From the Evening till the Afternoon” (Moscow New Drama Theatre)

Autor: Natalya Staroselskaya
Source: “Strastnoy Bulvar. 10”, Iss. No. 10-160/2013, Moscow Premiers

The artistic director of the Moscow New Drama Theatre Vyacheslav Dolgachev staged the play “From the Evening till the Afternoon”, probably one of the most low-key plays of Rozov, where the action take place in less than a day, but its intensity is so high that sometimes you feel like this play is written today about us…

The Dolgachev’s performance is intentionally simple and natural, you shouldn’t look for any intricacies or excessive moralizing; the director only focuses his attention on the thing that is often forgotten in theatre: the detailed analysis of the relations inside the Zharkov family, the consequence of their personal qualities and the reality they live in. And of course the excellent literary text, a rare thing in the modern theatre too, where classics is often adapted and abridged.

May be that’s why the performance “From the Evening till the Afternoon” became so stylish in the highest meaning of the word.

But the major thing, of course, is the good deal of director’s thought about the talent as the God’s Gift, be it the talent in writing, sport of – what is more important – the talent of being a human.

Vyacheslav Dolgachev happened to be amazingly foresighted again; this problem is getting more and more urgent today – the riders on their horses rushing forward and not heeding the trampled by the hooves; some pedestrians are dead and others are crippled, and they are stumping along to their destiny, only relying on themselves and nobody else…

Vyacheslav Dolgachev made a performance that is very important and necessary for today. It is not for nothing he mentions his talk with Viktor Rozov in the bill; in their conversation that took place long ago, the author said that the hunger was not the most horrible trial in his life. The more terrible was the trial of satiation. The same satiation we live in now, not a physical one, but a spiritual one, that is more dreadful…



















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