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Improvisation after Dostoyevsky

Source: 19.09.2008 г. TV channel «Culture»

The actors make the play at the eyes of the audience. Moreover, they have no task to make the play. It is made by itself. Two actors try to reconstruct the history of relationships between Nastasya Filippovna, Rogozhin and Prince Myshkin in the night after the killing.

«The freedom of action inside the closed chamber of the story, as I think, provides a special energy, akin to the energy of the theater», says Dolgachev.

The performance may be called the unique, made in front of the public, with no fixed length. It may be one hour, two hours, or more.

The fact that the production will be the discovery of the new theater season is not a subject of much controversy on the part of the theater audience as well that of the critics.

Импровизации по Достоевскому

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