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Invitation to the dance

Autor: Lyudmila Filatova
Source: «Peterburgsky teatralny zhurnal», 1 (51) 2008.

«The modern drama» — so is the subtitle of the play. Fortunately, the director didn’t content himself with the outer senses of the paradox (the play was written in the mid-70, and the famous film of Gerasimov was shot in 1975). The most easy thing would be to tell the story of an orphan from the children’s house and lacking the home; in connection with the declared Year of the Family the success would be guaranteed. But the theme is too painful, and there are too many speculations about it. Vyacheslav Dolgachev finds another «modern spirit» of the play.

The confusion with an address, the general embarrassment, the short time, spent in an another family… this is almost everything. A deceptively laconic water-colour, without too many words and tears. But very dramatic one, as it is always with Volodin’s plays. 

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