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Karl Moor: «I am the Hell»

Autor: Yury Fridshtein
Source: «Planeta Krasota», № 1–2, 2008.

The daring, young and bold action dispelled all the doubts and all my fears seemed so foolish and dull… Oh, how do I like it when the theatre wins me over, when it suppresses and fascinates me, when everything comes so naturally and easy, that the only thing left is to be carried away and pulled into the story. The New Drama Theatre likes to find the new dramatic tension in the old stories, and I think that «The Robbers» of Vyacheslav Dolgachev managed to emphasize it in a most extraordinary way. Although the approaches towards it were visible in «True West» of Narkas Iskandarova, the Dolgachev’s boys (young actors!) have the rare ability to be contagious, they are too energetic and they can set off themselves and the audience. Their miraculous quality is the absence of falseness.

The wholeness of the story and the completeness of the drama are perfect.

There are bitter knowledge and keen insights in Dolgachev’s performance. The last scene has the dead bodies on the stage, and there is no difference between victors and beaten, no difference between right and wrong. The stage is practically empty; this time stage manager Margarita Demyanova hit it with absolute laconism and minimalism.

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