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Not Only The Voice Of The Epoch

Autor: Natalya Staroselskaya
Source: Magazine “Strastnoy Bulvar, 10” Iss. No. 4-164/2013, Moscow Premiers

Vyacheslav Dolgachev realized that the story of witch trials had a certain reference to his own life and he managed to convey this feeling to the audience in a very passionate and strong performance. To some extent we all became exposed to the upcoming different ethical and aesthetical principles and moral criteria.

The problem of choice became so important because it defines the value of the person.

Arthur Miller wrote that the most important thing for him in the work of The House Committee on Un-American Activities was to read what was hidden from the eyes, “the act of invisible transformation of a person”. It is also important for Vyacheslav Dolgachev. Not the accusation in worshipping the Devil inspired by a handful of Salem’s inhabitant wanting to appropriate their land and property, not the irresistible desires of the body which seem to nourish the fury of vindictive Abigail (Anastasia Tsibizova plays her very expressively) who wants to destroy the wife of her beloved Proctor (Alexander Zachinyaev is convincing and sufficiently moderate in his controversial role), but exactly this very invisible transformation of a person that becomes the most important thing for the director in making the performance.

The circles interlock, the tempo accelerates and the thought that you need to learn to defend your ideals by any means becomes more and more urgent. May be more urgent today than in 1692 in the small town of Salem…




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