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Rozov’s vows

Autor: Yury Fridshtein
Source: Magazine “Planeta Krasota”, No. 5-6, 2013

This year is Rozov’s centennial. The New Drama Theatre commemorated this date by staging the play “From the Evening till the Afternoon” – perhaps the best play of Rozov. The play I remember the most an like the most. When I went to the theatre I felt not the doubts, but a certain sort of apprehension. How can you perform this wonderful and transparent play now, not making it instructive and didactical? But this is Dolgachev! Having known him for a long time I shouldn’t have had any foolish doubts. However this time Dolgachev surpassed himself.

What  is his uniqueness? Why the play that is almost half-century old sounds so astonishingly fresh? Sometime you get the feeling that it is more fresh than fifty years ago. How could he convey the primeval nature of the play to the young actors who have no our “pre-knowledge”? Perhaps the lack of experience is supplemented with the ability to hear, to feel, to tune in? And again, as I used to write, the absence of vanity, the purity, the aversion to vulgarity. Their flight, their height is so, that you cannot perceive them as actors only.

One of the amazing features of Dolgachev is his absolute ear to the author and absolute adherence to the authors intentions even in the minute details, even in the side notes, but without any slavish imitation. He becomes a co-author (together with his permanent creators of stage and costume space, Margarita Demyanova and Darya Kilochek), and together with a playwright he re-tells their own story; he knows what should be there (and he doesn’t fake it, as is often the case in other theatres, when you don’t know how to get rid of all those unnecessary and uninteresting “details” and “particulars”). Perhaps his congruence with Rozov is mostly felt in the accuracy of intonation – he staged the story of an ordinary cultural Moscow family. A confused family sometimes, with relationship issues; an unlucky family sometimes. But, first of all, a family having the feeling of community, where you cannot be alone. In this respect they all are talented and united. Another property of this family is their nobility (you can call me a starry-eyed idiot, let it be so). Rozov wrote about this, and Dolgachev staged this. That is why their characters are so delightful.

Where does Dolgachev find such actors who are his team-mates and thougt-mates? This is his another secret.

And that’s all there is to it. Was I convincing, I don’t know, I am not sure. The main thing they were convincing. As always. The more than usual.

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