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Salem’s Witches in The New Drama Theatre

Autor: Marina Shimandina
Source: “Vash Dosug”, No. 19, 2014

 The aristic director of New Drama Theatre Vyacheslav Dolgachev turned out to be more foresighted and was the first to feel the idea of aggression and intolerance in the air around us.

Vyacheslav Dolgachev and his actors try not to make the straightforward statements (“this is a hero and that is a traitor”), they perform a really chilling horror scene where everyone can became a victim of the repressive mechanism. And at the same time this is the satire on the legal proceeding that only cares about its own authority and turn into an insane Kafkaesque Process.

In any case this is a very instructive performance, and it is worth going to the Prokhodchikov Street where The New Drama is situated.




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