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The first night. Fathers and sons

Autor: Lyudmila Filatova
Source: PTZH, #4 (54) 2008

«The Robbers»

The main question of Dolgachev’s «Robbers» is that: what happens in the family, where young people, the usual jolly fellows, run away to the streets and became rioters, vandals or even terrorists?..

The change of accents in the text makes it lower, but the director remembers the need for the play «with bloody murders» to be appealing and makes the performance an assemblage of visually appealing fragments. The linkage between them is rather smooth: the vocal and dancing interludes and so on. The stage language of the Robbers is as inventive as is eclectic. The mass scenes are original like the endless circular motion turning into a whirlpool of the evil.

It should be mentioned also that Dolgachev is the master of the stage composition. The space is used thoroughly and every picture makes sense; the situations, the relations of the characters, their motives are often clear without a sound. 

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