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The Reading for Those in Despondency

Autor: Olga Ignatyuk
Source: Magazine “Teatralnaya Afisha”, No. 1, 2013, “Mirror of the stage” column

Who are they and why are they here, nine boys and three girls sitting around a long table like in the Lord’s Supper? You don’t get the direct answer. Suppose this is invisible Christ speaking with his disciples again.

They read us short stories from the lives of modern churchmen, old and young, from the lives of young novices and laymen. All this is very curious because the stories reflect the true life. And this is sad too, because the people are sinful indeed, they wander in the darkness, trying to overcome their misperceptions and weaknesses, trying to get to a certain truth; all the while they keep asking themselves and God about something, longing to see the Divine light.

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