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The Right Staff

Autor: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Source: «Planeta Krasota», No. 11–12, 2010 Moscow Theatre Magazine

You should have seen the actors’ state when they come to bow before the audience, how exhausted and beaten they are. «Ages of the Moon» is a play that requires the all-out effort from them. It’s like to play the solo role, the burden is immense. Here all the dialogues are based on the strange monologues. Perhaps each actor played something personal, and the matter is not in the literal sense of the events. The audience perceived the information and emotions on the stage according their own perceptive peculiarities and their spiritual pain threshold.

Their talk seems a little bit nervous. There is definitely something behind all this useless words. But you cannot grasp it at once. And this is the peculiarity of Shepard. In its essence it is a summing-up of the whole life, although they are not going to die yet. 

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