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The third night. The restlessness

Autor: Lyudmila Filatova
Source: PTZH, #4 (54) 2008

«Nastasya Filippovna». (After «The Idiot» by F. Dostoyevsky)

Two persons, who loved her, will talk about Nastasya Filippovna for two hours. The action starts immediately after the murder; one of the candles in the chandelier is extinct and will never flare again…

The performance is based on the fragments of the novel (for example, the Myshkin’s story of the condemned to death, the scene of the name day and burning the money, the change of the crosses, a conversation in the train etc.), and each time they are arranged in a new way.

It is difficult to describe the inhuman tension, the incredibly high degree of the dialogue between the characters (actors?..) of this exhausting «confession performance». One scene, the other scene, the third… the monologue, another dialogue, a pause — and the final picture of the character’s path. 

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