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Witch Hunt as a Contemporary Trend

Autor: Irina Alpatova
Source: Petersburg’s Theatre Magazine

Dolgachev slightly shortens the copious and overpopulated Millers play, but he does not adapt its inner essence, he does not hurry the plot to conform the modern rhythms,  and he lets every character to tell their tale in the most definite manner. Of course, this is a risk of a kind but it is justified here by half-forgotten attempts to “feel the experience” demonstrated by the younger part of the cast with rare impregnations of the older masters.

The term “psychological theatre” implies that actors need to try this fickle psychology of human beings, and they need to test it by themselves, not justifying their characters and not accusing them from the very start.

It cannot be emphasized enough – they play this story so that you cannot be absolutely sure how it is going to end.

The director doesn’t deprive the play of the existential peculiarities (the freedom of choice even in the seemingly Devilish circumstances) but he does not make it overly didactic. To the contrary, many moments, especially referring to the clerical motives, are seasoned with irony, and the audience smiles and laughs accordingly. It seems very important today in the process of breaking away from the notorious mortified “lectern”.





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