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A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coer (16+)

  • Author: Tennessee WILLIAMS   
  • Translation from English: Svetlana MAKURENKOVA
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Margarita DEMIANOVA
  • Choreographer: Anna MELOVATSKAYA

The first performance: September 28, 2008

Duration of performance: 2 hours 10 minutes (with intermission)

The women’s stories... there are so many of them, as many, as there are women in our planet. Here we have four women in this play; four women who try survive each in her own way in this not so benign world. While struggling for their private happiness they come to a final realization of true values, the indisputable laws of existence, that are closer to us than we expect. «A Lovely Sunday» is one of the last works of Williams. It has no complexity and multiple meanings of «A Streetcar Named Desire», «Cat on a Hot Tin Roof», «Orpheus», but this play conquers us with its wise simplicity and the verisimilitude of its plot. There are four artistically painted portraits with a city in the background.

Dorothea, a young teacher, who resembles Blanche from «A Streetcar Named Desire» with her spiritual breakdown, lives in the clouds and has fantasies about her «Prince Charming», that is school principal who is a vulgar and cheating person. She is matronized by her energetic roommate Bodey, who proposes her «daughter» to marry the «positive man», her simple-minded brother Buddy, but the sight of this beer lover almost chokes the girl. Helena, Dorothea’s colleague, a real she-devil and intrigue maker, adds oil to the flames, selfishly informing her friend that her prince is engaged with another woman... Poor Dorothea!

As if it was not enough a certain depressive Sophie Gluck is wandering about like a haunted ghost and begging for help. What a day... full of commotion, arguments and fainting. Who cares the picnic in the park?..

Yes, they are worthy of happiness! And the picnic will take place anyway!