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Harvest (18+)

  • Author: Pavel PRYAZHKO
  • Director: Narkas ISKANDAROVA
  • Lighting Designer: Yevgeny ARIFULIN

The first performance: October2, 2010

Duration of performance: 1 hour 20 minutes (without intermission)

The leader of a new drama wave, Pavel Pryazhko just knocks out our perception of a theatre — so unexpected are his plays in their style and content. That is why his works spark so vivid an interest among the audience and the exited polemic in the press (take for example «Life is Grand» and «Panties»).

The heroes of The Harvest comedy are the modern young people of the last generation, the generation of Sprite, pop-corn and mobile network operators. They are torn out of their usual computer virtual reality and are in the real harvest with apples; it is so «cool» and «fun» to gather them at first. The work in a beautiful garden quickly turns into an extreme adventure for girls and boys with a vivid and «fierce» imagination. How it was finished and what may be done when even the elementary practical skills are absent for as simple a work as an apple harvesting — you would better know it directly from the play.

The play was performed at the 3rd International Festival of Chamber and Mono plays in Oryol (2012).


Dear audience,

Please, bear in mind that the characters in the «Harvest» comedy use the elements of modern obscene expressions.