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The Animal (12+)

  • Authors: Mikhail GINDIN, Vladimir SINAKEVICH
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Margarita DEMIANOVA
  • Assistent Director: Narkas ISKANDAROVA

The first performance: May 30, 2007

Duration of performance: 2 hours 30 minutes (with intermission)

The genre of the play is the fantasy sci-fi drama, but it doesn’t carry us to the fantastic world.

Despite the fact that the Event, that the authors took as a basis of their story, didn’t take place yet in the real life, the story itself unfortunately becomes a part of our life more and more often.

The plot of the play reflects the processes that grow beyond the boundaries of the imagined reality and invade the interpersonal and interethnic relations, making this «mad, mad, mad world» even more cruel, aggressive and programmed for self-destruction.

The action takes place after the biggest technological disaster on our planet.

The survivors are so few, than it takes decades to find others in order to build the new life, on the rational foundation this time.

But what does rational mean, if survivors lost their memories and, as a consequence, lost their historical experience?

How to build life on this planet without making mistakes of all the previous generations?

And is it possible to build the new life with all who we meet?

Because we may be surrounded with those who are not like us.

What if they are DIFFERENT? What if they are ENEMIES?

And what should be done with those who doesn’t look like us at all? What if they are ANIMALS?

The questions, questions, questions...

Where the answers are to be found?

Even if the books are survived where the previous generations looked for the answers, the now living creatures don’t know how to speak properly, not to say about the reading. First of all they need to study to COMMUNICATE anew...
The history of the planet and the history of a family are so intertwined in this fascinating plot that it is seems to be clear: the close connection between the history of the planet and the history of a family may be destroyed only with mad behavior that is against the most natural and normal thing in a Human being, namely LOVE.

The play was performed at the X International Black Sea Theatre Festival in Trabzon, Turkey (2009), at the International Youth Theatre Forum «M/art-Contact 2009» in Mogilev (Belarus), at The International Theatre Festival «Melpomene of Tauria» in Kherson (2007).