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The Case (12+)

  • Author: Alexandr SUKHOVO-KOBYLINTheater’s adaptation
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Vladimir KOVALCHUK
  • Composer: Larisa KAZAKOVA

The first performance: October 2, 2010

Duration of performance: 2 hours 30 minutes with intermission

The question in case is «Why The Case is absent on the modern metropolitan stage?» Isn’t our Moscow life a great Case by itself?" So is the case: The masterpiece of Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin had to wait and to battle through for 150 years to be shown before the audience. One of the reasons is that the play reviles the unmerciful authorities. But can they be kind and sympathetic?..
...The legal officials Varravin and Tarelkin have the family of retired captain Petr Muromsky on the ropes for five years and devastate their victims with the bribes. Any petitions of the naive veteran himself, his daughter Lidochka and their relatives requesting the fair treatment are ignored, any appeal is met with mockery and cynical extortions.
As for the corrupted officials represented by Varravin and Tarelkin, their case is clear, and they cannot be changed. Despite the main theme of the play being the abuse on the part of the governmental officials, in his modern production Vyachesla Dolgachev decided to accent another subject of The Case. The aim of the production is to explore the victim’s psychology, the role of the victims themselves in their misfortunes.
«Don’t be surprised if the events shown in drama will occur in your life, Heaven forbid,» says Vyacheslav Dolgachev. «No one of us has insurance, there is no fence against ill fortune, there is no guarantee against the greedy officialdom, the only goal of which is to feed themselves upon us, and not only in allegorical sense. The question is, how to behave in such situations?..
Why, for example, fragile Lidochka strictly demands her father not to give bribes, whatever the outcome might be? And why Muromsky thinks he may buy off in spite the fact that the sums of new bribes are constantly growing? Why the hero veteran surrenders to the official predators? It seems that the only one bribe more and Muromsky will develop „Stockholm syndrome“ and will love his tormentors...»