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The Cranks, or The Fiance from the Green Cape (16+)

  • Author: VOLTAIRE   
  • Translation from French: Maxim VOLOBRINSKY
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Margarita DEMIANOVA
  • Dress Designer: Nataliya ZAKURDAYEVA 
  • Assistent Director: Narkas ISKANDAROVA

The first performance: December 16, 2006

Duration of performance: 2 hours 10 minutes

Our audience know a French writer, philosopher and playwright Voltaire (Fransois Marie Arouet) as an author of tragedies («Zaire», «Mahomet» etc.), but he is practically unknown as a comedy writer. «Les originaux, ou Monsieur du Cap-Vert», 1732, is one of the most entertaining comedies of this master of sharp thoughts and phrases. It may be considered a precursor of Beaumarchais and Sheridan’s plays, but it practically wasn’t staged in Russia.

A President of the court Bodin, who is a little bit obsessed with astrology, is happy: the stars announced the arrival of his friend and agemate Mister from the Cape Vert, the same corsair he promised his young daughter Fanchon before she was born. But Fanchon is desperate; she doesn’t like the thought of being a wife of an old pirate, the more so that she has an affair with The Chevalier. Fanchon tells her lover to use the weakness of her father and to tell him he is a «famous astrologer», to become a friend of the house and «to stop her from being a wife of a sea dog». The intrigue captures all the President’s house, including the President’s wife, who is obsessed with a medicine in her turn, and she falls in love with the «astrologer» Chevalier because he suffers strange «languors» and is ready to take her remedies (the same remedies that are the reason many citizens went to meet their ancestors before time)...

Everything has got all mixed up in Bodin’s house...