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Top Dogs, or The New Adult Games (16+)

  • Author: Urs WIDMER
  • Translation from German: Alla RYBIKOVA
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Margarita DEMIANOVA
  • Assistent Director: Narkas ISKANDAROVA
  • Plastic Art Director: Andrey RYKLIN

The first performance: October 5, 2009

Duration of performance: 2 hours 05 minutes (without intermission)

The play «Top Dogs» (meaning «top executives») is not only a piece of literature, it is also an author’s statement. The tragicomedy about the highly instable combination of success, prosperity and real life brought several European awards to Swiss writer Urs Widmer, among them Muelheimer Award and TV Award for Innovation.
In Russia Widmer is not very well known yet. Only several years ago his bestsellers «My Mother’ Lover», The Diary of My Father" and «Life as a Dwarf» were translated and published. «Top Dogs» in the New Drama Theatre is his first encounter with the Russian audience.
The play alarms you, it burns you with its truth, it is documentary and aesthetically new. In order to make his statement Widmer talked a lot with the prototypes of his characters, with people who lost their jobs suddenly and who experienced a kind of borderline psychological conditions. The studies and the ways of resolving these difficult situations are reflected in the contemporary drama «Top Dogs».
Those nice, «packed up» men and women who were sent by their superiors into the Center of Psychological Rehabilitation (CPR) in order to take part in some «role playing games», all of a sudden realize why they are here. As it turns out, they are fired and they lost their jobs, that provided decent life for them and their families. The realization goes hard, with hysterical fits, crying bitter tears and other excesses. With the help of new technologies, the very «role playing games», the CPR has to put them all on their legs, to make them believe in themselves and their future.
Vyacheslav Dolgachev:
«Top Dogs is a real catch for the theatre. The play is an important element of our repertory and our system of thinking about the life’s priorities; it reflects the self-awareness of modern people. The positive ideology of the author is also important. Clever and profound Widmer in his topical and formally new drama not only analyzes the spiritual condition of the society, its self-satisfied life without moral principles and the feeling of the ground being pulled away from you, but also makes every character to look into themselves and to think about the meaning of life.
The play was performed at the International Theatre Festival «Belaya Vezha 2010» in Brest.