The Honored Artist of Russia
Vyacheslav Dolgachev
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From the First Person (12+)

  • Author: Mikhail LERMONTOV.
  • V. Dolgachev’s theatrical interpretation of the novel “A Hero of Our Time”.
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Vladimir KOVALCHUK
  • Composer: Vadim BIBERGAN
  • Choreographer: Anna MELOVATSKAYA
  • Assistent Director: Narkas ISKANDAROVA

The first performance: September 29, 2012

Duration of performance: 2 hours 30 minutes

Grigory Pechorin... This name is familiar to any Russian schoolboy, but the personality and the soul of this man is still a secret that has not been solved for two centuries. Why the handsome and clever young man who is well-educated, rich, generous and bold, a darling of fortune, a lady’s man and an object of other men’s envy, who can get everything with his hands down, is at a total disagreement with the world? What makes him tempt the fate and put to risk not only his own life, but the lives of others, to ignore the human affections, to shun the responsibility for «those you’ve tamed», to suppress morally and torment people around him, thus destroying his own life?

The notes in his diary are a cruel analysis of why the evil is so attractive, a desperate attempt to be integrated into the so much hated and routine social life. This is a frank confession «from the first person».