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Playing Chekhov

Autor: Irina Alpatova
Source: «Kultura», 05/02/2009

Vyacheslav Dolgachev offers us the whole «anatomy of relations», as its genre is noted in the bills. The Love takes its rightful place along with the jealousy, treachery and other aspects of human relations.

The ever actual character of Chekhov’s works is perfectly shown through the actors' play (the method naturally being proposed by the director).

Each sketch is a true staging piece, a study of this or that human conflict. There is no the unintentional and now aesthetically played and stage monotony of tone. Quite the opposite, the mood, the air, the emotions are changed every time bringing with them a new turn of the stage «plot».

The light and spirited performance gives us a very excellent optimistic message. Not only as a theatre, by the way, but in a common human sense.

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