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The breakfast turned into the performance

Autor: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Source: «Kultura», November 11, 2010

Shepard expressed a wish to work together and proposed to read his new play. Later he knew that Dolgachev liked the play and he proposed to stage it. More than that, he gave an exclusive right to stage it in Moscow. It was a strange story in that American restaurant; Shepard and Dolgachev played a play unknowingly, as if they were actors or other people talking about themselves and their lives.

«Ages of the Moon» is intrinsically the strange and nervous dialogue of two men over 60. They stay on the stage almost for two hours, as long as the performance goes. This is unbelievably hard task for the actors to stay together on the stage all the time. It is enough to notice how emotionally exhausted are they when they go away from the stage; the physical strain is also great.

Shepard is a master of fine dialogues, he is able to hide the truth behind the words, he skillfully veils different meanings into them and Dolgachev was trying to unveil those meanings. I think he did it.

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