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The Life with the "Idiot"

Autor: Natalya Kazmina
Source: «Planeta Krasota» #9 10, 2008

The production of Dolgachev is strange enough, probably intended not for the general public. The absolutely unpractical project. It was rehearsed for two years, it is played in the room for 50 visitors, behind the «fourth wall». But by many reasons I would advise for many to have this test of themselves. One of the reasons is that the performance has the long history.

This production is emphatically called «the experiment» by him and by his actors, one Rogozhin (Andrey Kurilov) and two Myshkins (Mikhail Kalinichev and Nikita Alferov, playing by turns). First of all it is their own experiment, it arouses you and provokes the professional respect. The modern theater rarely sets such a difficult task and seldom performs a real deed.

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