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Taibele and Her Demon (18+)

  • Authors: Isaac Bashevis SINGER and Eve FRIEDMAN
  • Translation from English: Sergey VOLYNETS
  • Director: Vyacheslav DOLGACHEV
  • Artistic Designer: Margarita DEMIANOVA
  • Composer: Vadim BIBERGAN

Дата премьеры: December 26, 2009

Продолжительность спектакля: 3 hours 15 minutes (with intermission)

О спектакле

The works of a Polish-born American writer and a Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer  (1904–1991) are based on the everyday life in Polish-Jewish towns with its fantastical characters and traditional religious mysticism.
A young teacher Alchonon loves the most beautiful women of Fampol, Taibele, but he hesitates to make his feelings clear. Accidentally he hears the talk of Taibele with her friend about demons. Alchonon decides to return to his beloved as a Demon named Hurmizah. Superstitious and devoted Taibele falls in love with the demon. But how could Alchonon know where his prank would lead them?... The head-spinning story of the feeling growing into the passion and then into the true love.

Vyacheslav Dolgachev considers «Taibele and Her Demon» a drainless source of themes, and that is why he addresses it for the second time:

«I staged «Taibele» in A. P. Chekhov’s MHAT in 1995 with Elena Mayorova, Sergey Shkalikov and Vyacheslav Nevinny who are not with us any more. The performance had a great success, it was shown in many cities in Russia and abroad. What is more, you think? But the years pass and the play lives inside me, and it wants to be shown once more. The intricacies of love in a small town make the characters to understand what the true Love is, that the Love is not given to everyone who can fall into it. The passion passes away as a moment — so the is the nature of a human being. Only the self-denial and the self-sacrifice are the signs of the genuine feeling. For not in vain it is said «Love strong as Death».